Rose of Tralee & Tipperary Crystal News 2018

"Tipperary Crystal and the Rose of Tralee are two iconic Irish brands that both have a real and tangible sense of modern Ireland. Tipperary Crystal has evolved into a contemporary giftware company that reflects the Ireland of today. As lead sponsor, we showcase our exquisite Jewellery collection through the Rose of Tralee. There is just such a fantastic fit between the two brands."
- Robbie Scanlan, Tipperary Crystal

Tipperary Crystal Jewellery at the Rose of Tralee

See what Tipperary Crystal Jewellery the Roses wore on the TV show of the 2018 Rose of Tralee.

Rose of Tralee Night 1

Order County  Range Collection
1 New York Silver Pearl Pearl
2 Kerry Pearl Grape Pearl
3 Westmeath Yellow Gold Pave Pendant  Boxed
4 New Zealand Princess Summer  Luminosity
5 Yorkshire Summer Blocks Pearl
6 Carlow Rose Gold Pearl Grape Pearl
7 Kilkenny Autumn Gradient Luminosity
8 Abu Dhabi Juicy Summer Luminosity
9 Kildare Maureen O Hara Maureen O Hara
10 Florida Juicy Summer Luminosity
11 Leitrim Summer Block Luminosity
12 Toronto Silver Ornamental Pearl Pearl
13 Dublin Rose Gold Pearl Grape Pearl
14 Laois Silver Blue Leaf Leaf
15 Waterford Summer Block Luminosity
16 Arizona Autumn Bar Luminosity
17 Monaghan Leaf Diamonte Leaf
18 Newfoundland Pearl Ornate Swirl Pearl

Rose of Tralee Night 2

Order County  Range Collection
19 Mayo Fresh Energy Luminosity
20 Perth Princess Summer Pendant Luminosity
21 Dubai Autumn Gradient Luminosity
22 Chicago Silver Pearl Bar Pearl
23 Melbourne Silver Antique Daisy Pearl
24 Boston Maureen O Hara Maureen O Hara
25 Germany Pastel Choker Necklace Luminosity
26 Galway String Pearls Pearl
27 Down Autumn Bar Luminosity
28 Philadelphia String Pearls Pearl
29 Sydney Diamonte Leaf Luminosity
30 London Juicy Summer Luminosity
31 Cork Juicy Summer Luminosity
32 San Francisco Summer Night Luminosity

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