Our Responsibility

Tipperary are committed to reducing its impact on climate change and develop as a positive force for the environment, for the people that work across its operations, and for the local communities in which it serves. There are 4 priority areas which form our ESG strategy.

Planet – Tackling Climate Change & Waste:

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by increasing our use of renewable energy. We now operate an electric forklift fleet, have switched all lighting in our 40,000 square foot warehouse facility to energy efficient LED bulbs, and are currently installing a Solar PV system which will significantly reduce both our electricity running costs and our buildings carbon footprint.

As proud members of REPAK, we contribute to improving packaging sustainability and encourage our colleagues and consumers to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Customer & Product – Providing Responsibly Sourced & Sustainable Options:

We design our products to withstand the test of time, discouraging a throwaway culture.
We actively work to reduce packaging waste by reusing and recycling cardboard box packaging for customer shipments.

People – Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace:

We value diversity and inclusion, with a team representing 12 different nationalities out of our 80 plus colleagues.
Our monthly newsletter informs colleagues about company news and projects, fostering transparency and communication.

Community – Making a Positive Contribution:

We are dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve by supporting nominated charities through both monetary and in-kind donations.
We sponsor local sports teams and encourage colleague involvement in coaching at all levels.