Chandeliers at Tipperary

Transform your home or business with the timeless allure of our crystal chandeliers. Delicately crafted with 24% leaded crystal, each facet reflects light in a mesmerizing dance. Finished in silver, it seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary style. Don't forget to account for the ceiling cup and chain when determining installation height – an extra 15cm is recommended.

Book your consultation and take advantage of our bespoke service to ensure your chandelier is the perfect fit.

Need something special?

For customers who require something grander in scale, we offer a made to order service, whereby our chandelier expert Mark will arrange a consultation to ensure your chandelier is the perfect fit. Our gallery features some breathtaking made to order options, ranging in size from the regal Moderna 8 arm to the monumental Zenith which brandishes 70 arms of 24% leaded crystal. The consultation service is free of charge and may take place over the phone, email or in person if deemed necessary. Please fill out the contact form below or call Mark directly on +353 862017845 to begin your journey to finding the perfect chandelier.