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Our sharing guidelines

Invite your friends and family! We appreciate it when you spread the word. However, please only use referral codes for those close to you.

1. Share your Link

Find your exclusive referral link above. Fill in your information and share it with loved ones. Avoid sharing on Tipperary social media, pages, or ads. Codes discovered on promo sites, coupon sites, or other third-party sites will be deactivated.

2. They get 20% off

Now that you've introduced Tipperary to your friends and family, they can place their first order using the special unique code they received.

3. You Get 20% off

After your friend or family member signs up and makes a purchase, we'll send you a unique code for a 20% off on your next purchase as a token of gratitude for being a loyal Tipperary Customer, Thank you!

*These codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.